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Basket Screen

Basket Screen ; It is a physical treatment equipment that holds a certain size of solid material in wastewater treatment plants operating with small flow rates. Basket Grates are manufactured from AISI304 Stainless steel or S737 Carbon steel + Galvanized coating materials.

Basket Screen ; It is located at the wastewater pipe outlet (with a wall-mounted skid system). Waste water flowing from the pipe flows into the basket screen, and solid particles are retained in the basket. Waste water purified from solid materials accumulates in the pre-settlement or balancing pond.


Jib crane equipment is used to bring the solid materials accumulated in the Basket Grates to the surface. With the help of a jib crane, the basket grid is pulled to the surface manually (hand windlass) or optionally with an electric motor.

Solid materials accumulated in the basket screen are transferred to the waste container by opening the discharge cover under the basket grid.