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Mechanical Screen ; It is a physical treatment equipment that holds solid material in wastewater treatment plants operating with high flow rates. Mechanical Grates are made of AISI304 / 316 Stainless steel materials.

Mechanical Screen ; Projects (channel dimensions) are produced, including fine and coarse grids. Depending on the project, it is assembled in the same duct separately or combined.


Mechanical Screen ; While the wastewater continues to flow through the channel, solid materials larger than the screen gap are retained on the screen surface while passing through the installed screens that are associated with the channel floor code. By means of the rake that moves automatically on its axis, the solid particles held on the screen surface are automatically taken to the surface. The wastes formed in the waste scraping area on the surface are removed from the system by transferring them to the waste container located at the back of the screen (optional) or to the conveyor belt designed according to the facility flow (optional) with a Mechanical scraper.