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Anmeksan Treatment Inc. was established in 2018 in line with its sectoral goals with all its knowledge, experience and own resources. Our company, which has gained sectoral knowledge and experience since 2004, operates in the sector with its Ankara-based management, technical service and 2200 m2 closed production area, 850 m2 open storage and dispatch area located in the Başkent organized industrial zone. It carries out many domestic and international projects with its expert engineers, technical and management staff.

Anmeksan Treatment Inc. carries out the entire manufacturing process independently from the outside with its machinery, equipment and production department.

Our priority is the operation and use of our facilities in all of our domestic and international projects. We act with the awareness that the most important thing is the treatment plants that work and are applied in the right processes.

  • Mass Housing Treatment

    Mass Housing and Buildings

    Mass Housing, Villa Site Wastewater Treatment

  • Construction Site Treatment

    Construction Sites

    Construction, HEPP, Dam Sites Treatment

  • Campground Treatment


    Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • University Treatment


    Universities, Campuses and Social Area Refinements

  • Settlements Treatment

    Temporary Settlements

    Refugee Camps, Temporary Settlements


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We add value to life and nature with our activities.

  • Hotel Treatment

    Hotels Resorts, Cottages

    Hotel, Motel, Resort

  • Factory Treatment


    Factories, Textile, Dairy and Fruit Wastewater Treatment

  • Municipal Treatment

    Municipality and Villages

    Municipal, District and Village Treatments

  • Military Facilities Treatment

    Military Facilities

    Military Facility, Education Field Wastewater Treatments

  • Organized Industrial Treatment

    Organized Industrial Zones

    Organized Industrial Zones