What is the EU Green Deal?

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What is the EU Green Deal?

With the European Green Deal, the European Union aims to make the European continent the first climate neutral continent of the world by 2050 and adopts the Covenant as an economic growth strategy. In general terms, the objectives of the Agreement are:

  • Reducing net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050,
  • Separating economic growth from resource use,
  • It was determined that no one and no region should be separated from these policies or lagged behind.

Within the scope of the report, the general framework of the European Green Deal, its possible effects on international relations and its effects on Turkey - European Union relations were evaluated.

Chapter 1: General Framework of the European Green Deal
In December 2019, right after the creation of the European Union new era Commission, the European Commission introduced the European Green Deal, an ambitious policy package aimed at taking the European Union economy to a more sustainable and greener level. The overall goals of the Consensus, which is considered as a bold step to combat the climate crisis that the whole world is facing, can be summarized as: to be the first climate-neutral continent by reducing net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, and to turn the transition to a green economy into an economic and industrial opportunity for Europe. In addition to policy packages, the Green Deal consists of various financial supports for research on environmentally friendly technologies. The climate crisis fighting policies organized within the framework of the Green Agreement are not only binding on the European Union and the European continent countries, but also on all other countries that wish to continue their commercial and economic relations with these countries. It is foreseen that the agreement will have a profound effect on the economic, commercial and political relations between Europe and the countries that are not ready or willing to take the same steps in the fight against the climate crisis.

After the Covid19 epidemic, which has surrounded the whole world since March 2020 and has had devastating effects on the economies of the countries, many countries have put the fight against the epidemic and economic recovery in the first place and regressed to the lower ranks in the green economy agendas. The European Union Commission, on the other hand, has positioned the Green Agreement at the center of economic recovery in the fight against the pandemic; With the Next Generation EU Package (NextGenerationEU), it has not compromised on its medium/long-term carbon neutrality goals and its short-term “green recovery” vision and roadmap. The Union reiterated its belief in the Reconciliation and its determination to implement it in the post-pandemic economic recovery phase, and "first economic recovery" and then
It has adopted the concept of "green recovery" rather than an "implementation of the consensus" approach. Issues such as the enactment and implementation of Green Deal policies remain high on the agenda of both the EU Council and the EU Parliament.